Vera Bradley Handbags: A Floral and Paisley Wonderland

Vera Bradley handbags feature an amazing collection of colors and patterns which make them easily identifiable. These patterns range from paisley to floral. They are designed to blend, sharpen and harmonize your day. They are also characterized by numerous pockets for users to organize the bag contents.

The handbags are defined by a unique fabric material. They are crafted from lightweight quilted cotton where every stitch makes a difference. Vera Bradley handbags do not compromise on quality. They are eye-catching and durable. The colorful paisley print goes with almost any outfit. The cloth fabric makes them easy to clean.

The handbags come in a range of styles from multi-purpose wristlets, palm-sized handbags to large weekenders. Some come with long double straps that can be lengthened and worn across the body hands-free style. Others have short shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit the user. In most cases, the interior compartment is secured with a zipper while others come with open pockets.

Since most Vera Bradley handbags are made of fabric they are a little more affordable than some other brand name bags. They are made of high quality, thick fabric, and easy to maintain. This makes them suitable for someone on the go.

There is a Vera Bradley handbag for almost every occasion. For the more elegant affair, select a mild pattern with darker colors which give the look of elegance for evening wear. For those who want a good quality bag for school or casual, there are bags that are large and small that are suitable for these purposes. In addition to this, you can buy coin purses and other accessories that match your Vera Bradley handbags, allowing you to enjoy coordinating your handbag.

In addition to handbags, you can buy a Vera Bradley wallet and other accessories for a complete ensemble. Because of their colors and patterns, they will match many outfits. Many of the prints on these handbags coordinate well with bright colors. They use so many colors and shapes that there are few things that they will not match compliment.

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