Fanny Packs Revisited

Leather fanny packs allow you to have your hands free while keeping your necessities close. They feature one zippered interior pocket that can fit cell phones, small digital cameras, mp3 players and more. The packs are crafted from the highest quality materials. They are also fitted with one exterior pocket for keeping small things that need quick access. This versatile accessory is available in lovely designs to suit your taste.

Fanny packs are making a comeback.

The idea of the rebirth of these packs is to make them look desirable. Today, a good number of versions have been introduced. Designers are changing the image of packs by focusing on details and fabric used. They have become a perfect accessory for carrying all essentials during outdoor adventures. The pack is comfortable to allow users enjoy the hint of glamor and the functional design.

Celebrities are wearing them as Crossbody Bags

Most recently, Kendall Jenner was spotted flaunting a vintage Louis Vuitton fanny pack. This is not the first time she has ditched her traditional handbag. Since February, she has been spotted on five different occasions wearing the pack. She likes wearing on her upper body like a sling. A few weeks after her endorsement of the polarizing trend, she’s now switching to different styles.

Rihanna has also been spotted pairing a vintage fanny pack with a dark rinse denim outfit. On another occasion, she made a dramatic statement in London by wearing the Louis Vuitton version. Likewise, Kim Kardashian and Bella have been spotted wearing similar looks. Kim had a Ferrari-branded canvas fanny pack while Bella had Alexander Wang Washed Fanny Pack.

The minimalistic design and the adjustable strap make the packs look special. Fashion enthusiasts are confident that wearing a fanny pack crossbody-style will catch on among the fashion crowd. If you think fanny packs should be reserved for gawky tourists, think again.

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