Handbag Types for Women on the Go



Bucket Bag

This type of a bag comes with a round bottom and has a slender design. The bag got its name because it vaguely looks like a bucket, but is exceedingly useful for anyone who wants to carry items in a range of sizes. With its tall profile and plenty of depth, most regular carry-on objects can fit in it.


Crossbody Bag

In general, crossbody bags are smaller and designed to be worn either across the body or only on one shoulder. They cannot carry too many items, but the way of wearing them makes them practical for anyone who needs to use their hands constantly. Crossbody bags come in a range of designs, covering everything from traditional leather to modern design prints.


Hobo Handbag

Named after the famous wanderers of the railroad system of the United States, a Hobo handbag can often become the ideal partner with bolder fashion choices. These come with a drooping posture, along with an elongate shoulder strap. Individuals who see themselves as unique and different regularly gravitate towards Hobo handbags.



A satchel is a bag that looks mostly like a classic business suitcase, but with a vintage feel to it. Its main rectangular shape includes a sturdy and wide strap for shoulder carry option and it comes with several big compartments. This makes it ideal for professionals of all types who value elegant accessories to help them with their everyday work.



Similar to a shopping bag, a tote has a rectangular shape and a sturdy build, followed by two straps acting as handles. Their opening might come with a zipper, along with its interior compartment and pockets where valuables can be stored.



A wristlet is, in fact, a clutch bag that includes a strap. These are usually made out of decorated metal chains or leather straps, giving the bag a very glamorous look. Usually, a wristlet bag is used on a special occasion and the strap makes sure that they can be carried hanging from the wearer’s wrist.

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